On our menu you will find different ways to enjoy your holiday in the

Ria de Arousa.


We do not require much previous experience in sea kayaking.

Wanting to have fun, appreciating and enjoying the natural environment in which we are situated, is most important to us.


We adapt our paddeling speed and routes to the level of our participants.

Activities are carefully planned, considering pleasure as well as education as the main ingredients.





 2-3 hour routes


A Toxa Island


A beautiful crossing from our base in, Area Grande beach, through to the coast of the peninsula, do Grove, and to the famous island, La Toxa.


Famous for its spas and vicinity.


Enjoy a small snack break to recharge.






Open air sea museum


Our most familiar and perfect for a first sea kayaking experience.

From our base in Area Grande, we sail through the mussel trays (batteas) until Punta Moreira, where we visit the first aquarium and sea museum of Galicia.


Enjoy the surroundings and its magnificent views.


Punta Abelleira


This time we sail towards the open sea.


Coast long until we meet San Vicente do Mar.

Return, through the famous mussel farms (bateas).




Half day routes



One of our favourite routes.

We sail along the coast of the peninsula of O Grove in the direction of Carreirón Nature Park, located on the neighboring island of Arousa.


From there we head to one of the most magical spots of the Ría, the Areoso Island. With its turquoise waters and a 360 degree white sand beach, its one of the best kept secrets in Galicia. 


Snorkelling and then a well deserved meal on the beach, before we head back on our long journey back to our base camp .... !!!! uuuu !!! ... .a difficult day to forget !!. 



Arousa y Areoso Islands

Special routes

Salvora Island
(National Parc of the Atlantic islands)


An exciting crossing to the least famous of all the national parks of the Atlantic islands.


Trekking to the lighthouse and accompanied with a picnic on the beach.


Ornithological route


This area is famous for its large number of birds that choose to spend their summer season in this area.


Biologists and experts in the field, Carmen Diez Rivera and Marcos Mallo, introduce us to this amazing world.


Certainly a fantastic day of kayaking.

The fisherman's catch


A special treat for fishing enthusiasts.


Learn rapala and trolling techniques whilst sea kayaking with our friend and expert in these techniques: Miguel Rumbao





The treat!


A beautiful cruise from our base in Area Grande beach, crossing from the coast of the peninsula of O Grove, to the famous island of La Toja.


Famous for its spas and surroundings.

We’ll enjoy a session in one of the famous and fantastic spas and return to base by road.


A perfect treat!



Mouth of the Rio Miño




Cañon del Sil





All our tours include professional equipment for sea kayaking, liability insurance and guidance, as well as everything you need for activities that is included in the route.

We have many different options for you. We work closely with Camping Paisaxe II to offer great packages so you can enjoy our facilities and great sea kayaking, in this very unique area of the Galician coast.


We have weekly offers.

Consult us without commitment.


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