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77km on kayak      25km walking      6 days      5 nights      





The Camino de Santiago is walked from all over Europe by thousands every year.

Now , for the first time, you can follow the Camino del Mar. This is the original route followed by St James and his disciples when they came to Galicia almost two thousand years ago. Legend has it that they arrived here by stone boat and tied up on a pillar near a town now known as Padron [pillar]. Their journey has given rise to one of the most famous and popular pilgrimages in the Christian and spiritual world, the Camino de Santiago.


Camino en Kayak now offers, for the first time, pilgrims and others the opportunity of doing the Camino del Mar in a guided group on kayaks. Doing this route by kayak is truly unique:-


The Ria Baixas is an unspoilt part of Spain offering a tranquil, unhurried lifestyle, with old fishing villages, traditional cooking and sprawling vineyards, all best experienced by kayak. 


We will take you to the isles and protected waters of the Ria, some of which are still reminiscent of Viking, Roman, Moorish and Celtic times. You’ll paddle amongst Galicia’s famous oyster and clam farms, past white sandy beaches and over often turquoise waters. 


Kayaking here will give you an authentic experience of the sea culture of this charming area with its blend of valleys, bays and devout people whose ancient myths and fables of miracles, sunken treasures and mermaids will enchant you.


Join us on this journey and discover for yourself the magic of the land. A culture of ancient wisdom that will never leave you again.



!! Its in the energy of our way !!!


 Camino de Santiago by Kayak


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