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Team "Camino en Kayak"!



co-founder, chef & guide

Galaico-catalan of origin, a globetrotter and gypsy at heart.

Qualified as a chef under

Karlos Arguinano.

He has worked and traveled on five continents and now returns to his homeland to fulfill a dream with his traveling and life companion.


A summarising phrase

...."it will be good!.. ". 




co-founder, marketing & guide

A multidisciplinary artist, dive master,

a devoted traveler and a gypsy at heart.


With her, the road will be a continuous anecdote 


A summarising phrase...

“do or do not, there is no try!”.




guide, musician & fisherman

Fourth season with our family.

A big pleasure to be able to share this project with a lifelong friend, enjoying his presence along with his music.

A renowned artist, a brilliant guide and even sometimes, a good fisherman!!!


A summarising phrase

".. Ever bliss"


Georbeis Edu 

guide & sport specialist

Fith season in the family.

Our Colombian Sunshine!

Final year of studying "INEF",

(a sports degree)

Graduated in Tafat and a sports trainer throughout the year.

A smile that will light up  the cloudiest of days and 

 energy that reignites.  



Ana Pink Summer

kayak rentals & infrastructure

Sixth season with the family

Anita and Camino en kayak,

Camino en Kayak and Anita...

Lets just say, this project would not

be the same without her.

The queen of the beach and our pillar of strength.

Freelance monitor.

Freelance child-instructor

A summarising phrase

"my eyes shine sunshine"


Our Family

energy and companionship

Sea pilgrims.

We rely on you to make these moments unforgettable.

A summarising phrase...

"Buen Camino"


Our Kayaks


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