kayak Routes in Galicia

We offer a great variety of routes for you to enjoy your holidays in the Ria de Arousa.


We do not require much previous experience in sea kayaking as we adapt our paddling speed and routes to the level of our participants.

Wanting to have a good time, appreciating and enjoying the natural environment in which we are situated, is the most important to us.

Activities are carefully planned, considering pleasure as well as education as the main ingredients.


 popular routes

These routes are available from June to September. 

Different routes for all levels, accompanied with experienced guides on handmade fibreglass kayaks.

Camino de Santiago by kayak

Duration: 6 days & 5 nights

The Camino de Santiago by kayak, is a 

pilgrimage that follows the Way of St.James by Sea (Ruta Traslatio) in the Arousa estuary and the Ulla river.

With a total of  77 km by kayak and 25 km by foot, we follow the stone crossroads that lead us all the way to the celebrated Santiago de Compostella.

Not only one of the most beautifull sea kayak routes in Spain, it also offers an autentic experience of the sea culture and its world famous seafood cuisine of the area.


It will leave you enchanted!

circular route of the peninsula of O Grove 

Duration: 2 days & 2 nights

A perfect way to get to know the peninsula of O Grove and its islands.

We have prepared a spectacular route covering its 45 beaches. Some streched out over kilometers and others hidden away that can only be reached by kayak.

We visit islands, landmarks and experience the sea culture embraced by this area. 

This area is a paradise for all of your senses, and if you like nature, beauty, food and good company, this one is for you!

Open air sea museum 

Duration: 2 hours

Our most familiar and popular route for a first time sea kayaking experience.

From our base in Area Grande, we sail through the mussel farms (bateas) until Punta Moreira and Porto Meloxo, where we visit the first aquarium and sea museum of Galicia.

The surroundings and its magnificent views is why this is one of our favourite routes!

 Con Negro 

Duration: 3 hours

This is a great opportunity to discover some of

the peninsulas of O Grove most untouched areas.


From our base in Area Grande, we sail out to the ocean. At the mouth of the estuary we find striking big rock formations scattered around prestige beaches, also known as Con Negro. 

On our way we paddle through mussel farms (bateas) and are even sometimes accompanied by dolphins.

On our arrival, we enjoy a snack and a nice stroll to the military base where we can see some canons and a picturesque view of the Salvora National Park.

A perfect outing!

 Isla de A toxa 

Duration: 3 hours

The island of O Toxa, famous for its spas and medicinal water.


A circular route, perfect for the whole family that gives you the opportunity to discover its magic and beauty from a kayak.

A snack break on its sister island, ''A Toxa pequeña'' before returning  to our starting point in Covadelo Beach.

A beautifull paddle!

 Areoso islet

Duration: 1/2 day

The Areoso Islet by kayak is an experience hard to compare.


360º of white sand beaches surrounded by turquoise water, snorkelling and delicious food is what we have planned for you. 

We depart from Arousa Island and paddle across to the islet. If weather and time permits, we also visit its sister islet, Pedregoso. 

Lunch and snorkelling gear is included.

A treat for all level and ages!

a family adventure

Duration: 2 days & 2 nights

A spectacular and entertaining family weekend enjoyed in some of the best areas of the peninsula of Grove.

This route is designed for both parents and minors to enjoy a fabulous weekend.

A menu filled with kayak initiation, games on the beach, treasure hunts and sundowners!

We include all kayaking gear​, tents, mattresses and mouth-watering gastronomy which make it a perfect treat for the whole family!

lanzada Beach & Sanctuary route


Duration: 3 hours

Spectacular kayaking this area with its dramatic cliffs and sandy beaches.

Starting from the beach, Area Gordas, we paddle south and stop at Montalbo beach for a snack break.

From there we continue until we reach the Lanzada Sanctuary (Ermita de la Lanzada)

There we will visit the Sanctuary by foot and enjoy its picturesque views.


Very recomendable!

4 island circular route  

Duration: 1 day

A whole day uncovering the spectacular

Island of Arousa.

We will paddle to the National Park of Carreirón, Area de Secada (and its surroundings), the Lighthouse and its

3 neighbouring islands; Areoso Pedregoso and Rua.

The route will be complimented with some of the areas best chiringuitos (beach bars) where we will enjoy delicious cuisine and a few beautiful walks. 

A must for all island lovers! 

sPecial routes 

We abandon the coastline and explore the interior to discover some of Galicias most beautiful rivers by kayak.

These routes are organised in Autumn and Spring 

Hemos preparado una serie de rutas con salidas puntuales, en alguno de los mejores puntos de la geografia gallega, en este caso las fechas las pondra Camino en kayak, si os interesa alguna de estas salidas para hacer en grupo, estaremos encantados de escucharos y buscar la mejor solución.


Atentos a nuestras fechas!!!!!

Cañon del sil (Ribeira Sacra)  

Duration: 3 day

The Sil Canyon is, undoubtedly, one of the Ribeira Sacra’s most picturesque attractions.


This deep gorge, formed of rocks, water and winding bends, is sure to make an impression on anyone who sees it. Its vertical slopes have been worked throughout history and, nowadays, are still the livelihood of many local inhabitants, who work them to produce top-quality wine.

Paddling through these canyon in autumn gives you an unique perspective and accompanied with hiking, wine tasting, music and delicious food.


It is the perfect weekend away!

Cañon del Miño (Ribeira Sacra)

Duration: 2 day

Discover the incredible River Miño, in the Rebeira Sacra.

A weekend spent paddling along indigenous forest, vineyards, a 40meter long waterfall and  scenic islands in the middle of the river.

The nights are sCountry house 


One of Galicias best kept secrets!

Cuando navegamos por primera vez en esta parte del cañon del río Miño, nos quedamos con la boca abierta de su belleza, su riqueza historica y paisajistica.

Miño River Delta


Duration: whole day

The rio Miño is the longest river in Galicia.


Starting at A Guarda, we paddle the last section of the river to the mouth, that forms a delta and also, the border with Portugal.

A whole day to enjoy the beautifull surroundings of its protected natural areas, Monte Santa Tecla and the river itself. 

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