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 Galicia! The melodious sound of its name; "ga-lee-thee-a", evoke the soft breezes, silent mists and white sands.Bordered by Portugal to the south and the Atlantic to the north and west, Galicia is lush green land covered with chestnut trees and forests fragrant with the scent of eucalyptus. Rias, or estuaries, usher the ocean inland to towns and cities, creating some of Spain’s most memorable scenery.The coastline is more developed, more lively and more open to the world than the interior, which remains overwhelmingly rural- and hauntingly beautiful.Some 2,600 years ago this hilly country was occupied by a Celtic people called the Gallaeci, who left behind much more than their name. Bagpipes, harp, laud and tales of legend and mystery.




       Ria de Arousa 



How to get here ?



The closest airports from us are:
-Vigo (peinador) or
-Santiago de Compostela (Lavacolla). 
Other airports not to far away! :
- A Coruña ( Alvedro )
- Oporto, Portugal.     



The closest stations from our base is, Pontevedra and in Vilagarcia
From there, you have to come to San Vicente by road.
Lines from Pontevedra or Vigo regulary circulate in our direction. 

Kilometres to San Vicente:

Pontevedra             32 km
Vigo                       64 km
Santiago                 73 km                    
A coruña               144 km
Ourense                179 km                    
Lugo                     214 km       
Oporto                  212 km                   
Madrid                  656 km           
Bilbao                   660 km                    
Sevilla                   793 km
Barcelona           1 205 km                    
Johannesburg     8 523 km
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